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In Defense of Storming Off

Picture this: You're 5 years old and have your first major temper tantrum. Your parent (or other authority figure) tells you to go to your room and think about what you did. It happens again and again every time you have a tantrum. This goes on till you hit your teen years, suddenly you get… Continue reading In Defense of Storming Off

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Surprise! Disabled People Exist!

I know, I know it's not prom season. Homecoming is over, and we're in a weird in-between season of no real dances for high schoolers. (Well, besides those Christmas dances no one goes too unless they have a boyfriend/girlfriend, or really nothing better to do.) But.. Despite this.. A recent post on my Facebook page… Continue reading Surprise! Disabled People Exist!

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Pumpkin Time

(As with all my disability posts, I alternate between person/identity first language in order be inclusive of however someone would like to refer to their disability) This isn't a post about Halloween specifically, although I did plan on doing one breaking down the history. Instead, since it didn't blow over like I'd hoped it would, it's… Continue reading Pumpkin Time

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God Doesn’t Owe Us Anything

I think the biggest problem with grief, or maybe just life in general is that we as Christians know that God wants and does what's best for us. He even gave us like.. a entire series of books (I mean the Bible) on how to get the best thing for us. But the problem is,… Continue reading God Doesn’t Owe Us Anything

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Reflections on Grief – One Year Later

Welp. Officially, 8 hours ago, my dad has been dead for a year. Somehow, that's mind boggling that it hasn't been only a couple hours, while at the same time, it also feels like it's just how it's always been. That might be an autistic response to grief, although it may simply be, that acceptance… Continue reading Reflections on Grief – One Year Later

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Midnight Thoughts on Disability, Christianity, and Identity

See, we forget that, existing just as we are, we are made perfect in our Christian faith, of trying to suffer with Jesus on the Cross, and love like he loved. Because of that, we shouldn't look at the things we're born with, or the things that cause us to be permanently "different" as bad. We don't consider red hair to be bad (anymore) we don't consider being left handed to be bad, we (shouldn't) consider different races to be bad. So why do we consider disability, so many of which exist in a social context, to be bad?

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Understanding the Triggers of Grief

Grief has taught me something new about triggers, mainly that, it isn’t possible in life to avoid all your triggers (Don’t get me wrong, I am still very-pro trigger warnings for common triggers such as self-harm, death, suicide etc. and, for that matter, this post probably needs a trigger warning for raw grief related discussion)… Continue reading Understanding the Triggers of Grief

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Grief Turns You Into A Selfish Monster

What? That seems harsh, but it's just using my personal experience. I feel like personally, I've started paying more attention to the "little" things in life.  Most of those aren't so little, but before my dad and grandma died, they seemed commonplace. As an example,  things like Father's Day, Daddy-Daughter Dances, "Happy Birthday Grandma/Dad" cards… Continue reading Grief Turns You Into A Selfish Monster

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Labels, Ableds, And Other Vaguely Rhyming Words

If you've ever scrolled through anything related to disabilities for even 30 seconds, you'll see the idea of labels brought up. Namely, that we shouldn't label people. Specifically that we shouldn't label ourselves, or others with disabilities, with the disability we/they have. Which is quite frankly, stupid. Now, I'm not saying that people with disabilities have… Continue reading Labels, Ableds, And Other Vaguely Rhyming Words

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Apparently, You Can’t Be Happy and Poor

How often have you stopped and thought about the ramifications of not letting people be happy? .... Suicide risks are considered to be a serious mental health risk in young people, especially those in poor, and even middle class families.