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Let’s Talk About Periods

I'm gonna talk about periods. And probably loose.. Several followers for it. Bye! Anyway. Society like.. In general, has a lot of stigma around periods. I'm not sure why. Is it because it's a bathroom thing? Is it because in biblical times we had much stricter requirements around it for safety? Is it because it's a… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Periods

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Midnight Thoughts on Disability, Christianity, and Identity

See, we forget that, existing just as we are, we are made perfect in our Christian faith, of trying to suffer with Jesus on the Cross, and love like he loved. Because of that, we shouldn't look at the things we're born with, or the things that cause us to be permanently "different" as bad. We don't consider red hair to be bad (anymore) we don't consider being left handed to be bad, we (shouldn't) consider different races to be bad. So why do we consider disability, so many of which exist in a social context, to be bad?

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Labels, Ableds, And Other Vaguely Rhyming Words

If you've ever scrolled through anything related to disabilities for even 30 seconds, you'll see the idea of labels brought up. Namely, that we shouldn't label people. Specifically that we shouldn't label ourselves, or others with disabilities, with the disability we/they have. Which is quite frankly, stupid. Now, I'm not saying that people with disabilities have… Continue reading Labels, Ableds, And Other Vaguely Rhyming Words

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On Ali Stroker, Inspiration P*rn, and Representation

Being disabled doesn't make you a object of inspiration. Like, seriously, it's not. People with disabilities get told they are bad for having a disability, and therefore told living with it makes them exceptional. Social media has increased the access to looking at inspiration porn, and I don't use the term porn lightly. Porn is… Continue reading On Ali Stroker, Inspiration P*rn, and Representation

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Why do people stim?

A lot of people tend to ask "why do people stim?" I'm not sure why it's never occured to anyone to ask people who stim why they stim. But it hasn't. I made a survey to ask the general audience why they stim, and you're welcome to take it, you do not have to be autistic… Continue reading Why do people stim?