Improving Your Spiritual Life As A Catholic


I went searching on the interwebs to see if I could find a few lists of good things Catholics can do to improve their spiritual life. I wasn’t able to find one comprehensive list of suggestions and resources so I decided to put one together myself


Stuff that you can probably do without thinking and don’t require a lot of discipline to do every day

  • Say the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be daily (morning/night)
  • Saying Grace at each meal
  • Pray with your children  and include them in as many of your spiritual practices as possible. (Okay, maybe not the easiest, but they can probably sit through the Our Father at least)
  • Say “Thank you” to God when he gives you something you’ve been praying for, or even just blesses you in general.
  • Hang icons or other religious art in your house. While it may be harder to learn to mediate on religious art it is also peaceful just to be surrounded by reminders of Christ and his Saints.
  • Say the Jesus Prayer. It’s important to pray without ceasing and the Jesus Prayer is a very short prayer that can be said in any situation.
  • Wear a scapular. If you don’t know, scapulars are simple pieces of cloth you can wear under your clothes. The article linked explains their importance, so I won’t go into much more detail
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Simple enough, but for new Catholics or Catholics who are out of practice, it might be daunting.





  • Attend Daily Mass, at least once a week outside of your Sunday Mass obligation. If you can make it more though – Go!
  • Try to make a habit of working to get plenary indulgences. While many Protestants criticize the practice it is the Church Teaching that they remove some if not all time spent in purgatory.  Here’s a list of them if you’re not sure what counts
  • Make a pilgrimage. This list is of sites in the US. If you’re outside of the US it’s probably easy enough to find one near you
  • If you haven’t discerned your vocation yet, try to find a monastery or convent nearby you that will let you spend a few days there to see what it’s like.
  • Join a group at your church. It’s important to build a community of like minded Catholics. Some good ideas are seeing if they have a Bible study, choir, or other group that meets on a regular basis.
  • Try to read through the whole Bible. Not in a year, the Bible isn’t something that should be rushed through. But I’d recommend trying to get through it every 5 years or so. There’s 73 books in the Catholic Bible so that adds up to about 14 a year, but some of them are very short.
  • Go on a spiritual retreat.  If you can’t manage to go on an “official” retreat, take a 3 day fast from worldly things and focus solely on your prayer life. 
  • Practice fasting and almsgiving during Lent and Advent. If you choose to fast make sure you are fasting from something that would actually take effort to fast from. I know when I was a kid, I’d make sure to fast from whatever I didn’t want to fast from. In addition to that, make sure you’re filling that time with something related to improving your spiritual life. There’s no point in fasting from Facebook and just spending the time on Twitter.  Almsgiving is also important because it gives back to others and helping them as the church teaches us. I’d suggest putting away a certain amount each day to donate to the church or a Catholic agency. Another good idea is to use it to buy giftcards to give to homeless people that may ask you for money.
  • Learn to write icons. While meditating on icons is a good spiritual practice, making them is also a form of prayer.
  • Get a spiritual director.  A spiritual director is a bit different from your parish priest in that they’re designed to help just you on your spiritual journey, similar to a best friend. However, that doesn’t mean your parish priest can’t be your spiritual director. It’d be best for a priest to be your spiritual director as they can also absolve sins, but it may be that you are comfortable with a Nun or Monk, which is also acceptable.


I will probably be updating this regularly, hence the decision to make it a literal page on my blog in order for it to be easily accessible. If you have a practice you’d suggest adding leave a comment or message my Facebook page!