Suggested Resources

Note One – Not all websites/resources linked are in accordance with church teachings due to the lack of availability of websites/resources that are. That is part of why I made this blog in the first place, but wanted to share other good resources that are available šŸ˜€

Note Two – I tried to stay away from more mainstream sources as they are very common and easy to find with a quick internet search. But I did include a few favorites šŸ™‚

Autism, ADHD and Neurodiversity:

Autistic Not Weird

Autistic Allies

How to ADHD (youtube) (website)

Girl’s Autistic Journey (website) (facebook)

Spectrum Navigation Services

Neurodivergent Rebel

The Autistic Self Advocacy NetworkĀ 


The Catholic Feminist Podcast

Traditional Catholic Millennials

The Woke CatholicĀ 

The Lewis Crusade



Icing Smiles

Give Kids The World

Sharing the Weight

Chiari Malformation/Spinal Leaks and More:

Standing Up To Chiari

Conquer Chiari

Spinal CSF Leak FoundationĀ 

CSF Leak AssociationĀ 

Chiari Bridges

Disability (general):

The Mighty

Divinely Differently AbledĀ 

Ellen Stumbo

Marfan Syndrome:

National Marfan Foundation

Mental Illness:

To Write Love on Her Arms

Grief Share

Every Day Is a Mental Health Day


Lily In Grace


Standing Up To POTS

Dysautonomia InternationalĀ 


Alternatively Pro-Life

New Wave Feminists

The Lewis Crusade

Laura Klassen


Rehumanize InternationalĀ 

Save the 1

*While most of these are charities or privately run blogs you can donate too, the ones listed under this heading typically are not for the purposes of educating people and/orĀ  advocacy for a specific cause.